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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About Ecotistic

As the first brand telling you to get over yourself, we take the “ego” out of beauty by placing focus on self love/acceptance, confidence, and joy. We encapsulate each of those qualities in products that are effective, natural, and non-toxic. We tackle skin issues with a simple, straight-forward, yet fun approach and only use ingredients that are completely necessary. We design our products to empower and give you the confidence to show up and show out as your most authentic and best selves. We offer a unique twist to green beauty unlike other brands through product names like No Filter, PYT, and Send Nudes to reflect a playful yet personable brand that has a love for beauty, luxury, and nature with all of its healing capabilities.


Beauty has always been my thing...

 My earliest memories are applying powder at my playskool vanity in my bedroom at age 5. Fast forward to age 15 I was grabbing honey and oatmeal from the kitchen pantry trying to create my own face mask and came to the conclusion I needed to add  hyaluronic acid to my skin regimen. Unbeknownst to me, my true entry into the beauty industry came from one thing -necessity. I became a mother, and my son was diagnosed with eczema causing him to have very rough, dry, itchy patches all over his body. The doctor recommended hydrocortisone and I was informed this topical treatment could potentially bleach and lighten my sons skin permanently over time. A treatment that was capable of having such adverse effects seemed too harsh to use on an infants skin (or anyones  skin for that matter). I had to find an alternative and that’s when my research began. I created my first body butter and used it on my sons skin everyday until I saw his rough patches and discomfort disappear. It was through that experience that I learned the true power of plant based ingredients.  I'm happy to share this knowledge with all my babes and baes through my products!

xoxo Tamika Utsey